Children Of Today, Inc. -   Care of all children.Economic Injustice.Human & Civil Rights.
Most Beautiful Priest, my Priest, Father Corapi 

God created skin a rainbow of beauty!!!

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Children Of Today is an educational program approved by Karoly Szendeny, a master of classical dance and teacher of Nijinsky.
Children Of Today researches, through education, EMBRACING THE NEEDS OF CHILDREN AROUND THE WORLD.
While sharing learning with them we encompass creative arts and learning.  
Our research has nine projects at this time.
els- early learning studioPROJECT 1 is a Part time Pre-School/Classes Program, early learning studio
 PROJECT 2  Critical Crisis Intervention.
Encouraged by Senator Maltese, NY. View info pertaining to Nixzmary Brown and Quachaun. Two children killed by a parent, step parent or boyfriend of a mom. 
 Children Of Today Journal- Break the Chains
Critical Crisis Interverntion and public education.  Inner City NY.When emailed with the Nixzmary outline regarding critical crisis intervention within NYC Public Schools, Senator Maltese responded.
This project is an interventive model supporting positive assertive discipline in each classroom as outlined by Lee Cantor in his Positive Assertive Discipline course for schools. If interested request an outline from us via e-mail at

Crucified Teachers and now System! 
Crucified Teachers.  Crucified Public School System.  NYCWhy?  When the NYC DOE does not comply with its own regulations?  Please help.  Many are and have suffered. Losing all after committed careers to helping in NYC Public Schools.  Pension, medical, life time committed and earned salaries taken away.  No home, food?  Some two years or maybe less before retirement. 
Help rid any economic injustice that may be in the NYC Public School System.
Please contact Former Mayor Bloomberg and ask him to stop. 
Please help us.  Financial donations can help the wonderful teacher who may have taught and given to you.
Of Possible Interest:  
Grassroots Education Movement (NYC) 
The Grassroots Education Movement (GEMNYC) educates, organizes, and mobilizes educators, parents, students and communities to defend public education.  In God We Trust, for our public schools! Infiltrate leftist extreme void of In God We Trust!!   Even here:  
Educate globally.  Share cultures through early learning.
PROJECT 4  How do we help poverty stricken areas in Africa prosper economically by utilizing their positive spirit and beautiful cultures. Give back financially by sharing via children's programming this positive spirit and culture with children in our culture through NY tri-state area Museums, Libraries, & other community sites, ie, Historical Societies.(We will focus on helping to fund education in other areas of the world also via other shared cultural programs.)  
Create multicultural early learning products.PROJECT 5
If you would like to work creatively creating products for Children Of Today
please contact us via e-mail  at
Currently, compensation for such work would be a percentage of sales from the shared product, lesson, or idea.
Modest dress.  Beauty.  Purity.  Chastity.  Female Virtue 
Marylike Padre Pio Dress-Objective: To create a line of apparel that would be compliant with the Catholic Churches dress code but appeal to a broader base audience.  Support flower girls and Brides of Christ.  Marium, Mary & Maria,!
culture of death, abortion, demonic
genocide, erasing of race via abortionPROJECT 7 Dr. Alveda King
Black Outreach
Hispanic Outreach
-click Dr. Alveda King link to learn and donate, watch video
The "Truth" About Abortion
Black and Latino Women 

rosary, the Blessed Mother, Holy Catholic FaithPROJECT 8 Occupation Rosary
to become a Rosary Captain in your area.
The Pink Bus Project

And Friends

Lay Monastic Hermitage Retreat
Communal Family of Saints Benedict, Mary & Theresa of Saint Francis
The Benedict Option by Rod Dreher

Financial Gifts to Children Of Today

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