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Crucified System- Crucified Teachers- PROJECT 3
Help rid any economic injustice that may be in the NYC Public School System if there is a system left. 
A Crucified System because of globalism?  Making sense.  Worse than ever!  We need to drain this swamp in UFT, DOE, NYC and NYS big time!  Our children/students deserve it!  MLK gave his life for all children to be cared for as God intended and we need to see this happen.  DRAIN the SWAMP now!!
Do we save Public Education, especially in Harlem, NYC? 
Rubber room teachers have become a larger group and separate as ATRs in NYC Public Schools. 
Crucified Teachers! Why? When the NYC DOE does not comply with its own regulations? Please help. Many are and have suffered. Losing all after committed careers to helping in NYC Public Schools. Pension, medical, life time committed and earned salaries taken away. No home, food? Some two years or maybe less before retirement. Please contact Mayor Bloomberg and ask him to stop. Please help us. Financial donations can help the wonderful teacher who may have taught and given to you.
Help rid any economic injustice that may be in the NYC Public School System.

We want to work with President Trump and Betsy Devos!!  I hope they are not law breakers like Mayor Bloomberg was!  We want our Union to do what is best for children, addressing smaller class sizes and "critical crisis" intervention!  Help teachers do this!  Please!  Children need adults to love as parents in Holy Matrimony!  That is what was suppose to be improving!  DRAIN the SWAMP for our children!

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The Grassroots Education Movement (GEMNYC) educates, organizes, and mobilizes educators, parents, students and communities to defend public

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